Thursday, July 19, 2007

Okay so here's the thing. Dave says to me, "I think WE should start a blog page.", ladies we all know what that collective WE means when our husbands say it, right?! It means I think that this is something that is totally cool, and that YOU should do it for us. So he set this up and posted a photo. He failed to mention to me that WE had started a blog page. One afternoon when I was looking on Aleca's blog I noticed a link to one that said the Snows. I thought that's funny, do they know someone we are related too? So I click on it and low and behold it's me and my children staring back at me... I told him that I did not have the time and that I was fine with the emails. Then I started to get slightly inflamatory emails from friends and fam saying that I needed to update MY blog. So here WE are blogging. WE will try to make it memorable and WE will try to put lots of cute pictures like everyone else does. Funny how WE get ourselves into things isn't it?! :)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Lake Powell

I am learning how to BLOG!!! This is are trip and boy was it fun.