Thursday, October 25, 2007


Willow got a special award at an assembly today! She was chosen as the first grade student who showed the most character. The specific qualities that they worked on this trimester were: responsibility, forgiveness, compassion, and generosity. What a great day. I couldn't be more proud of my little girl. She got a gift certificate to go out to lunch, a bumper sticker, and some pencils etc. She also got her report card and got all O's with a couple S+'s! Guess what one the S+ was in... yep Behavoir -talking at "inappropriate times". I guess that works if all day everyday is an inappropriate time :0). We're working on the talking.

I put her hair in curlers the night before and it looked so cute! That's Rachel her friend sitting next to her. Dan is next to Rachel, that's who she talks to the most. Dan and Willow got yellow notes two weeks ago for talking. Apparently he's the heart throb of the first grade AND he has passed off ALL his sight words. I think that makes him cool. It's not until high school that not doing well in school makes you more attractive to the ladies. There are benefits to having a child who talks. There is little information that doesn't make it's way to mom and dad.


Our Mimi is the best! She gave Poppy this tutu for dance last weekend. Poppy tried to sleep in it the night before dance, but I took it off her after she fell asleep because it looked to itchy. She picks up on the dance steps very well. Not at all like her mother.

She is concentrating hard on that shuff-le step. See how fast her foot is going? She can do the whole dance at home. It's nice that she can do something all of her own, and be great at it. SHHHH don't tell but she is already better than her mother ever was!

Monday, October 22, 2007

That's My Boy!

Isn't he cute? It's a darn good thing that he is so cute because he is in fine form as of late. I don't think I can take him acting out when the new baby comes. Heaven help us if it gets worse!

These are the pants off a teddy bear from Build-a- Bear. This picture does not do them justice. The are sooo tight. They also have a hole in them for the bears tail... imagine what they look like when the hole is in the front! :0)LOL I call them his hot pants. The other day he had them on with a big flower hair bow and a queen robe. Dave is a little on edge about his wardrobe choices lately to say the least!

Yep, this pictures is exactly what you think it is. Gross I know. I found this little pile in the evening who knows when it happened. The clothes laying right next to the brown substance in question gave me the tell tale information. I have been saying to myself please let it be chocolate, Please Let It Be Chocolate, OH PLEASE LET IT BE CHOCOLATE to myself a lot lately. But alas, it rarely is. My lovely son is not potty trained but "house broken". He never has accidents in the house. He rarely has accidents. He is very deliberate where he pees and poops. The back yard offers too many possibilities to be stifled with a white porcelain toilet in the house. My girls never did stuff like this. I don't know where he gets it from.

Sorry it's been so long. I have been brain storming ideas for a book. Maybe I'll start this year. Yeah, 4 kids, an impending move, I've got tons of extra time on my hands.