Friday, December 4, 2009

Mormons Make HOT Werewolves

So the month of November flew by and I was planning on doing a post about when I dated the olympic volleyball player... but that will have to wait for another time. I just saw this totally hot picture of my friend and she has her hands all over Kiowa Gordon. Boy I wish I had my hands all over Kiowa Gordon... don't you. Ida has all the luck. Oh yeah she slept on the ground for 3 days to touch him. FOr those of you who aren't 14-16 thats Embry in New Moon. Embry is one of the Wolf Pack. Werewolf Pack. Smokin shirtless hot werewolf pack. Here's the kicker..... he's a totally sweeeeeeeet kid from Stephanie Meyers home ward in Az. That's right ladies he's not only hot, a werewolf (techincally shape shifter) but LDS, too. Does it get any better than that? If I were a few years younger I might have to stalk him.

I think it's so cool that I am way more of a groupie than any of my highschool students. It's even cooler that I am considering buying the Edward Barbie Doll to play with. OKAY OKAY OKAY i already bought it. Anyway reading is good. If a book can spurn this much chaos I think that's hot. I think Stephanie Meyers is H.O.T.