Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My old BYU roomies have been coming out of the woodwork! It sure is fun to reconnect. We all turned out the same. MOms. Funny ha ha. I have a Masters in Education, Cookie has a Masters in Physical Therapy, Carrie and I went on missions, Amy and I both did Study Abroad. All of us graduated. And all of us have 4 kids that consume most of our lives! When I check out their blogs (except you, Cookie, who still lives in the stone age...) our lives are filled with raising our families. The bikini parties, flag stealing, spying, skinny dipping, hookie bobbin', didn't make us rotten moms it gave us something to look forward to. When I retire and my little ones leave the nest...
I'm gonna have a hobby.
I'm gonna have wild Rootbeer keggers.
I'm gonna rock out to AC^DC on an air guitar until I'm red in the face and pass out.
I'm gonna sleep all night long.
I'm gonna remember what it's like to listen at church.
I'm gonna go to the bathroom ALL BY MYSELF.
I'm gonna have hot dates with my man, and not go home to feed the baby or clean up barf.
I'm gonna go on cruises
I'm gonna take some classes, just for fun.

But for now we are all in this together, and I'm glad youre my villiage. (you know "it takes a villiage to raise a child...)