Friday, April 22, 2011

San Felipe for Spring Break! The weather was perfect, and so were the fish tacos! I actually had shrimp which were even better! We rode the motorcylces and quads, and the barney(sand rail). We swam, and picked up shells for the summer sale. We shopped in town and helped the local economy which is so sad. Dave took the kids fishing in the boat and each one reeled some in. The neighbor Joe helped the kids fish from the shore. Then in the evening on Thursday the grunion ran! It was a crack up to watch the kids flop down on the beach to catch them! We ate smores, and dutch oven goodies! It was so relaxing!

The car ride down is always a treat. 6 hours. The car ride home was even better this time. Dave didn't bathe the WHOLE time we were there. His man stink was a little much for me. At one point I wondered if he would notice if I tried to sit in the back with the kids. The border patrol agent passed us through faster than ever before. NO Secondary Check Point to search further for us. I think we could have camouflaged the stink from a dead body!

PS I took these pictures but not in San Felipe. I still haven't downloaded those pictures yet! Lazy I know.