Friday, December 28, 2007


Phoenix could hardly contain himself when he realized that ALL the presents (in his pile) were for him. He threw his arms in the air and jumped around. If that isn't excitement I don't know what is!

Poppy is posing here with a new tooth brush and some presents that Santa left. They had to wait till Daddy got home to open anything. The anticipation was almost too much.

Christmas Eve Poppy gave everyone the new sweat suits she picked out for them. That way nobody had to get dressed on Christmas morning. Just jump out of bed and ready to go.

Dinosaurs and Thomas the train were a hit with Phoenix this year. Poppy got the Island Barbie Princess that she asked for. Poppy also got a doll from American Girl but it seems like the Barbie was all she needed. I took the American Girl out of the box to play with.(I couldn't wait any longer) Willow got Hannah Montana stuff and a Zune (which her Dad loves), it plays music like an MP3 and holds movies. Dave has had fun getting it all loaded up for her. Dave got a new dress shirt and tie and will get to pick out a new gun. I got a big digital Photo Frame that holds a ton of pictures and a new Patricia Cornwell book. We are grateful that our children are still small and that they are easily pleased with Barbies and Dinosaurs!