Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Finger

Lily the wee tiny one at our house broke her finger. She loves to sneak outside. She loves to wander the neighborhood looking for mud, puddles, or morsels of food on the ground. She is one. You see my problem here right? It is not alright for a 1 year old to run around the neighborhood like an urchin. She isn't Oliver Twist. She isn't even Harry Potter. She has two parents who love her, cloth her, and even, yes, feed her. So being outside free like a lark (she must have know that's what I wanted to name her)is her goal in life. About two weeks ago she was trying to get out and Phoenix was trying to get her back in and the door slammed on her left pointer finger. The rest is pure guess because all I saw was the aftermath. I think it was caught in the door and she panicked and pulled it out. By that time it was pretty well squished. The nail was taken right off. All of it. It left a gaping hole where the little bone was exposed. ewww. We went to Urgent Care and waited the mandatory 3 hours and they said that the bone was broken and that the nail was totally gone. Sianarra. Adios. Chao. They bandaged it and plinted it and said to give her the antibiotic and tylenol.

NOw, lest you think I am an awful parent... we did all that the doctor ordered and the finger is looking better. Still no nail, but she is able to use it and the splint came off. The MD's think that the nail will do one of three things: 1) not grow back at all. 2) grow back and be warped, either wavy or bumpy. or 3) It will grow back and be perfect just like new. Hopefully it grows back perfect in everyway. The last thing I need is to be blamed for some horrible accident I couldn't control! I'm sure I will be blamed for lots of things that I can. Bring on the therapy!