Saturday, May 10, 2008

Never Scrub...I'm all over it!

Okay we all know that I am all about making life easier and more manageable. I found a great new product that really worked for me and my fam. I bought one of these and put it into one of the toilets like they said. I left the other two toilets alone. Then I cleaned them all on the same day. (I know...whoa there mama pace yourself!) And I watched. It is now time to clean the toilets again and the one that I put the kaboom thingy in still looks like I scrubbed it this morning. Obviously this won't help out with the XY's that miss or dribble on the seat but that's what the cholorox wipes are for right!? You can try it for free if you pay shipping and handling which is the same price as just paying for it at Walmart.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm Hiding

I am sitting in the computer room of my parents house hoping beyond all hope that the four screaming mimi's won't figure out that I have left the living room where The Jungle Book is entertaining. I know this makes me sound like less of a super mom, but it is the ugly truth. Yesterday I went to the bathroom, by myself, AND I locked the door. I know this doesn't sound like it should traumatize anyone, but by the time I was finished (I took a magazine :0) two of the children were writing notes and putting them under the door. The first note said, "Phoenix spit on me." The next one just said PoPpY. I assume it meant to say, "me, too!". Then I see little fingers coming under the door. I can hear their little voices at the bottom of the door where the crack is asking if I'm ever coming out. I think to myself, now I understand the lady that stayed in the bathroom for two years. Although I doubt that I would let my bum grow onto the toilet seat.

I know, I know, Someday I'll miss this. REALLY? I'm going to miss this? Come on! Who made up that stupid phrase anyway? Someone who was 80 and had alzheimers? I suppose I should enjoy that my children want to talk to me and I should hope that continues into the dreaded teenage years, but right about now I am looking forward to a sullen 15 year old that doesn't want to talk to me when I am taking care of buisiness.

My friend Craig and his wife have a theory that when you put parents of young children together invariably the conversation will degenerate to poop and I have proven him right once again. At one point I had a brain that functioned, I swear, I did.