Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Toothless- TAYLOR Style

Okay, Okay I know you are all thinking, "Hey I thought their last name was Snow?" Yes it is, however my maiden name is Taylor and I don't think any of my brothers/sister and I had a tooth that fell out on its own. They were all extracted in one way or another. The most common way to lose a tooth in the Taylor household was with the NEEDLE NOSE PLIERS (yes, they were rusty). I seriously remember my dad pulling out one of my teeth that was less than ready by putting his knee on my chest and yanking on it with the pliers. The rush of having a hole and knowing the Tooth Fairy was coming was too enticing for me/us. I guess Willow did get some Taylor in her after all because as soon as this baby got lose it was all over. She wiggled it all night until was time. Then Dad got involved. It was all over for that little baby tooth.

This is try # 1. The old string on the door trick. No luck.

This is try # 2. Dry it off and have Dad yank it out. Nope it just got a little looser and made a nauseating cracking sound.

This is try # 3. We brought out the big guns. THE PLIERS. Sorry dad we couldn't find a pair of needle nose pliers in the garage.

Try # 4. Same pliers just a different grip on them. That's Phoenix's head he supervised the surgery.

Viola! A bloody hole and an expected visit from the Tooth Fairy. NOw we are only about 10 teeth behind Rachel who has lost ALL her baby teeth! Willow isn't competetive or anything... I don't know anyone who would pull their own teeth out just to "keep up" with their friends.... Do you Timmy?

I can't believe I have a child old enough to be loosing baby teeth. Next thing she'll be asking for a cell phone so she can text to her boyfriends and demanding a car for her 16th birthday. Where does the time go? At least I have her for now.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Poor Lizard

I caught this lizard at the Rees' house on Saturday. I told Phoenix that we could take him home...poor poor lizard.

The lizard is getting broken in... on three different heads.

Poppy is teaching the lizard Popcorn Popping. He isn't a very quick learner.

He's perking up a little bit by the time he got to Willows head.

I don't think there is anything scarier than these three on the rampage.

Mr. Lizard getting grabbed at by three little sets of hands. Thank goodness he "ran away" on Sunday. I don't know how much longer I could have protected him.