Friday, June 13, 2008

Easy Smelly Playdough

Homemade PlayDough (NOT EDIBLE, actually it is, but it tastes terrible!)

Here's a picture of the ingredients most of which you keep in your pantry.

2 TBS Cream of Tartar
1 cup flour
1 TBS oil
1/4 cup salt
1 cup water
1 packet unsweetened Kool Aid (or a few drops of food coloring)

*Cream of Tartar is a spice used to make meringue. You can buy it at all the major grocery stores or in bulk at Costco.

In a sauce pan combine all the ingredients and stir on med heat until it forms a dough ball. It takes about 3-4 minutes. The plop it out and knead it until it's really smooth and cooled down. ¡Vióla playdough! If you don't have koolaide you can mix food coloring instead of koolaide (or both to make different colors). The koolaide makes it smell good, but then little kids are more tempted to taste it. It's not toxic, but I wouldn't let them eat it anyways. Store it in a ziplock when your done.

Fun with Friends

One day last week we had a full house. The kids enjoyed having their friends over and the house was already a mess (as usual), so I thought what the heck, let's get out the PLAYDOUGH. I know you moms are thinking, "WHAT?? THAT'S LIKE CLEANING SUICIDE!" and you're right but the kids had a really great time. Mom you might want to wash the cookie cutters before you use them next time! Tee Hee.
Eli and Phoenix

Emma and Poppy

Elias hard at work.

Phoenix pounding...I don't think thats what the hammer is for son.

Dave trying to kiss Preston the Mary Bono fundraiser. Should I worry? Nahhhh Preston's not interested his cute wife is going to have a baby girl soon. Dave's not his type.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sweet Expressions Photography

I got these today! Aren't they beautiful! This is Lily in her blessing dress. It was made specially for her by her Mimi. The purple blanket underneath her was knitted by Uncle Gene's sister, and the white blanket was crocheted by Grandma Margaret. I don't think there is anything more beautiful than a sleeping baby. (Especially when they're mine). It reminds me of when they were in heaven. They seem so peaceful. I wonder if they dream about the life they left to come here? I hope so.

Michele Tolley of Sweet Expressions took the photos! If you want to look at her blog/web site its at If you click on the title of the post it will take you there!
You should see some of the stuff she's done. If she can make all those old time Corona people look that good then you can count me in. Thanks Michele! Last year she took photos of Poppy for dance and Poppy has never looked so good!

I love this one of her hand and mine. It makes my heart flutter.
I wish you could hear her talk. It's too cute. It's almost like we're carrying on a conversation with OOOo's and Ahhhh's.