Saturday, April 5, 2008

The New Pad

This is the new house. It is nearly next door to the house we remodeled two houses ago. All it needs is demolition, remodel, and to move in! No big deal right? I think I need to become a contractor.

This is a weird angle but I couldn't find the picture I wanted. It is pretty big. The biggest on the street except for that funky two story across the street from our other house. For reference it is to the left of Ed's house the old guy who restored old classic cars.

This is the pool! We are going to have to have a huge party when you come home.

This is the grassy area that the kids are going to get a swing set in. They have been waiting patiently since we lived in Utah. Now they will finally get their chance.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Dirty Little Secrets

I've been tagged, I think?
Terryn is it me Melissa or is it some other young cool chick? Well, I'll tell all my dirty little secrets anyway...

What was I doing 10 years ago...
10 years ago I was dating the worlds ugliest bachelor. I won't name any names because that would be rude, however I want you to understand that I am talking seriously not attractive at all. The thought of rubbing sunscreen on his back makes me feel a little naseaus still. While dating we were supposed to meet at a Young Adult Fireside one Saturday night and he never showed up. I thought it was wierd. I went home and went to bed and decided I would see him at church the next day. At 6:00am my dad comes barrelling into my bedroom and wakes me. I was understandably groggy and he demanded to know why I had gotten engaged and not woken them up to tell them last night. I was stunned. I said I did not get engaged... and he said, that UG (Ugly Bachelor) announced at Ward Counsel Meeting that he had gotten engaged last night. I said we had a date but he never showed. Then we both just sat there for an awkward moment, each of us realizing that not only had I been stood up, but also dumped in the same night! My dad slowly backed out of my bedroom and in comes my mom to console me. I was not only humiliated by a guy in my ward for all to see, but it was the UG part that bothered me. If he dumped me, then what was I, a monster! ?

Then I met Dave and I forgot all about my humiliation. The sexiest man in the world wanted me and that's all that mattered.

5 Things on My TO DO List Today...

  1. Go to Walmart
  2. Mail Margene and Dennis' taxes off
  3. Clean the basement
  4. mop the floors
  5. dinner, lunch, Lily, etc.

I probably will only get number 5 done especially since all the other ones have been on my list since the baby was born (4 weeks ago).

Favorite Treats...

  • I love coke... naughty naughty I know
  • Mint and Chip icecream from Thrifty (rite aid)
  • Going out to eat at any restaurant
  • Reading a really good book
  • Watching Survivor with Dave
  • coke

Three Bad Habits...

I love to watch General Hospital

Washing clothes without checking the pockets

Going out in public looking like Death Warmed Over

If I were suddenly a billionaire I would...

  • set some aside for my four children and their educations
  • buy and pay for a house for all my siblings and in-laws
  • hire a housekeeper
  • move out of California
  • invest some
  • donate to the church

Places I would love to go...


The Redwoods



I love to travel!

Jobs I've had...

  • Retail Sales at Wet Seal
  • Phone service dept at Sears
  • hostess/waitress at Brick Oven
  • Spanish TA in Spain
  • Teacher of Biology, Astronomy, and Spanish
  • Mommy

5 Things Most People Don't Know About Me...

  1. I love to run errands, being out and about makes me happy.
  2. I wish I was more reserved.
  3. I HATE HATE HATE my legs
  4. I am not comfortable on the telephone. (If I call you it means I love you)I rarely return phone calls or answer messages unless I have to. Dave is the complete opposite. He will have a phone growing out of his head soon.
  5. I can't eat pears they make me barf.