Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Summer Storms in Cali

All the children loved the warm rain and the steam that came off the hot concrete. We don't get that much around here. They pulled out the umberellas and headed out. Willow said she saw lightning... She sang and danced in the rain as long as it lasted.

Last Sunday we had a big earthquake right before church. The epicenter was 8 miles Northwest of Elsinore Ca. The radio reported the area as an unincorporated area of South Corona, I should have called in and said that area is called EL CERRITTO. It was a magnitude 4.7. The house shook pretty good and some of the lattice on the patio fell off, but no more damage than that. The church got a big crack in the chapel ceiling. Guess what the lesson in Relief Society was on? Preparing for the Last Days. I was in Primary so we sang, but some of the women in Relief Society said it was a little disconcerting to have the lesson hours after the earthquake.

Hey I need help. I can't figure out how to write a little blurb for each picture and publish them all in one post. Can someone help?

Phoenix doesn't seem to know what the umberella is for. He has been using it to create mayhem. (That's a police word, it's cool and sounds fancy.) He seems to think that pokin, hitting, and ramming are the umberella's primary purposes.
Poppy decided she is Poppy Poppins.