Thursday, August 23, 2007

No pictures just writing please

I have been thinking more and more lately about some of the goals that I set for myself way back when I had no idea what life was. I found a paper the other day with my handwriting on it in a set of old seminary scriptures. Which by the way have all been donated to aid those non readers who think that they must check out a set from the library each and every Sunday. It was some kind of goal list that I had done in Young Womens. Aside from being hilarious it was also very telling. Here are some of the goals:
  • I was to marry, in the temple, a blonde man who was tall, with blue eyes, and wonderful long curly surfer like hair, while Dave fits some of the description the hair is rapidly deteriorating and I think that without the top we might be able to get a few curls if he would quit shaving it. Somehow i don't think that I imagined a man with only a few stringy curls hanging off the sides.
  • I was to go to Europe and see the sights. I'm glad that I didn't say eat because I didn't do much of that because that cost money and I had none at the time. But I did see the sights!
  • I was to go to Jerusalem. I think that that one will have to wait until fewer people are kidnapped and beheaded in the middle east. What do you think?
  • Graduate from college. Check
  • Get my medallion. Check
  • Get and A on the geometry test on Friday... Does an A- in the class as a whole count?
  • Serve a mission. Check
  • Kiss Ian Shoenburger. Never got close. Sorry to say but I think the boat sailed on this one ladies and gentlemen. Dave doesn't really like when I kiss strange men.
  • Write a book.

There it is. Write a book! I have been talking about writing a book for years. When I started reading the Harry Potter series I was so enthralled that I was going to start right then. But all I could think of was Harry Potter. Then I talked to my old companion Rachel in June and I mentioned that I originally I thought that I would use the extra time I had when I stayed home with the kids to write. HAH I am lucky to get two lines and a picture out on a blog once a week! So I think that I am going to re-committ. Here is what I need from you. What kind of book do you think that I should write? A grown-up book? Fiction? NOn fiction? A childrens book? A childrens chapter book. A smutty romance novel? A self help book. An LDS book etc. What do you think?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Be A Model Or Just Look Like One

When I saw this picture of Willow I thought that's her. Mid air and still posing for the camera. We visited Mimi and her pool this weekend for a little fun in the sun. We are finally barf free (well most of us):). Isn't the one of POppy and Willow the cutest!