Friday, May 2, 2008

The Nail Polish Parable

Each one of us is blessed with gifts and talents. My long time friend Erin is blessed with insight. She has related a parable to everyday life and I think everybody should read it! She has "The Nail Polish Parable" posted on her blog so clickety click on the link that says the MCGIBBON FAMILY and read it. It is tender and moving. She's the real deal. I know that sometimes you all feel wierd looking at peoples blogs that you don't know... but this is just too good to miss.

Loves Melissa

PS I don't think she'll mind.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Little Lily isn't so Little

Lily had her 2 month baby check. She weighs in at 10.72 lbs. She is very healthy and looks good. Here she is with her biggest admirer Poppy don't the two make a darling duo?

This is the only time I think she has ever slept in her car seat. She is the wierdest kid. She screams bloody murder everytime I put her in it!

Notice the double chin. They are so cute on babies... too bad they don't look so good on moms.