Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Babies R Us

This is the amazing Mrs. Hyatt, Mr Hyatt is in the picture too but don't mind him he's being replaced. Pete is there too but he's only there for decoration. I snaked this photo from their blog. I'm sure they will thank me later (in cash).
Phoenix is my only boy. Sometimes I wonder how it is that he can be surrounded by so much "girlie" and still be different. He says funny things often. Now he says them to other people too. His current fixation is on farting. He wants to know how to make them smell. That is so cool. He idolizes his dad who can clear a room.

The other day he and Poppy are playing. She is saying that she is going to have a baby. She even has the tell-tale bump under her shirt. She says to him you can't have a baby. He is distraught and hits her a few times. She is smug and says that he still can't have a baby. We have been over a very limited birds and bees with our two 4 year olds it goes something like this.... YOU.BOY.PENIS.....HER.GIRL.VAGINA....boy no baby.....girl baby. I know, so eloquent. I truly should have been a therapist. Just email me and I'll come talk toyour children for a minimal fee. So he is clear on which anatomy it takes to have a baby. I didn't let him watch that OPrah with the wierdo she-man who had the baby, I'm still a little confused over that one. So he is stumped, and he has to figure out a way to have a baby, fast. Then I see the light bulb go off in his puny little buzzed head. He questions Poppy on the daddy, Poppy has plenty of baby daddies this time it was Luke (heads up Team Fackrell). So he announces that he is going to marry Ms Hyatt. Then he will have a baby. And his baby will be bigger than your baby. His baby Laney will be able to tell Poppy's baby what to do.

He misses Mrs. Hyatt and her big baby.
Bet you thought I was going to announce that I was pregnant. Sneaky aren't I?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

(You've got to say it like a valley girl cause we're in the Valley)
The new house is very nice. The kitchen is almost done, through sheer force of will. That would be Dave's will, not mine.... if you take one look at my ASsets you know that I have very little will power. Anyway Davey has finished the cabinet doors and has made the cabinet faces and made all the shelves. He decided that if Ding dong cabinet dude wasn't going to get it done he would do it himself. What a stud. I would post a picture of my cowboy but I have NNOOO CLUE where the cable to down load from the camera are. So you will have to take it from me that he is as studly as it gets.

I get tickled pink every time I go into Poppy and Lily's room. The walls are the best color pink ever. Not to pink not too peach not to light not too dark. Poppy's bed is darling, I love it. Lily's crib is ghetto-fabulous. The dress form that has been following us around for 3 moves now finally has a place of honor. It holds lovely hats and jewels for the girls. The walls are still a little bare but soon they will be filled with pictures and treasures.

Willows room is a rainbow fairy paradise. It looks soo Willow. The walls are periwinkle and the color is nice. It looks like the room is OHH lalala decorated without a ton of fuss. The furniture is a light green and the bedding is striped with rainbow colors. She also has several 8 foot flowers that seem to say hide and play with me. They bend and move so they are pretty irresistible. She is turning into quite the little girl. Her name suits her more and more each day. I still love it. When you close your eyes and imagine a Willow it's her. What a pretty little thing she is.

Phoenix's room is still somewhere in a box, or still in the big room downstairs at my parents house. He is having cowboys. I found a bed that looked like a covered wagon and soooon I will be trying to copy it. For now he has all he needs with his bed and a few toys.

The kids ride and play all day outside. They try to convince me every morning to ride around the block at 8:00am! They are like a little gaggle birds or herd of some kind. Hair uncombed and blowing in the wind. What more in life is there? Lily rides in the bike trailor behind my bike but I can tell that she wants to be free like a bird with the other kids.

When I find the download cables I'll post pictures of the house. You'll love it. Never know maybe you'll even get invited over for some grub. Loves us