Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Phoenix saying "Duh mom" afterhaving what looked to be some tasty brownies

Do you ever do things that even your kids want to say, "Duh mom"? Well I had one of those moments this morning. Phoenix had a doctors appointment at 9:30 so I got up and got Willow off to school and got Poppy and Phoenix ready for the day. Then we set off to Riverside (Kaiser) where the appointment was. I am now starting my 35 week of pregnancy and am huge. I can't walk very well because of sciatic nerve pain and the list could go on and on. So we find a parking spot and all get into the building. We find the right floor and stand in line to check in. Once we are up at the counter the kind receptionist says, "I think that there must be a mistake, your appointment isn't until TOMORROW at 9:30. Then I look at her and say, "but isn't today Thursday the 7th?" And by this point people are looking at us. (so much for patient confidentiality) She replies, "no sweetie today is Wednesday, but yes your appointment is on Thursay the 7th." So I thank her for her time and say that we will see her agian tomorrow, and waddle off. What can you do? Just shake your head and wonder if your brain really does fall out of your head when you have children. I used to be intelligent, and the thought of confusing a WHOLE DAY would have been absurd. The saddest part is that I wasn't even surprised! I didn't try to think of a good reason why I had mixed up the days. I didn't blame someone else. I just accepted that while laying on the couch or bed my brain must have leaked out my nose or ear or some other orifice without me knowing or caring much. Does your brain come back when your kids leave home or am I doomed to confusion for the rest of my life?

Oh and by the way I am SO bummed that Mitt Romney didn't do better yesterday. We might name this baby after him... Willard. That's not a joke so don't make funnies (Nick, I know it's hard to resist). Dave's always thought that he would have a son named Willard and I am not having any more sons, so either he needs a concubine, a second wife, or this baby gets the name Willard. I have a few others but we'll see hopefully soon we'll see.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Boy It's Hot!

Some of you out there have heard several little anecdotes or remembrences of President Hinckley that I have. Here is one that I thought was especially funny, I really think that it shows his witty personality too:

In October of 1994 (I think) I was a student at BYU. One of my roomates' dad's was a stake president and had tickets for General Conference. He was going to be flying out and my roomate Amy asked if I would like to join them for the conference session. I said, "Of course." I had only been to the Tabernacle a couple of times and I was actually thinking of going up there to wait in line to get in to the conference. The sound of walzing in 10 minutes before the session began instead of getting up at midnight to wait in line on the temple grounds was a fabulous plan.

We arrived at the conference session and went in and sat down. That year was unusually warm and the tabernacle does not have air conditioning so everybody was sweating. The first session was over and some people were out in the grounds but most were in their seats fanning themselves with papers. The next session was going to begin in a little while so some of the general authorities were coming back in to the Tabernacle. President Hinckley was one of these early ones. He got up and walked up to the pulpit and leaned on one elbow to the side of the pulpit and the crowd quieted. He looked so relaxed, he had a funny half grin on his face and he said, "Boy, it sure is hot in here isn't it?" The crowd murmured its assent. Then he straightened up and smiled big and said, "but it's not as hot as it's gunna get if you don't repent!" As he said it he shook his finger at the crowd. Nobody in the crowd made a noise. My roomate's dad leaned over and said, "I think it was a joke girls!" Then President Hinckley laughed like he thought it was the funniest thing. He liked seeing the whole congregation squirm! I can still see him smiling and even though it was a little disconcerting to hear the prophet tell you all to repent, I can't help but chuckle at his sense of humor. It would be one thing if your bishop or somebody else said it, but the prophet! Too funny.

He served with all his might, mind, and strength. Do any of you doubt where he went or what kind of greeting he got? I am excited that he got to go home, like I was when some of my companions went home. Their families waiting for them and their lives ready to take off. I know the relief and joy of serving a mission and at the end knowing that you did your best and that you accomplished the things the Lord had set out for you to do. It is an amazing feeling. I can only imagine what a lifetime of service to the Lord (in comparison to 18 months) must feel like. He fullfilled his mission here on the earth and was called home with honor. I want to say lucky, but I know luck had nothin' to do with it. He worked hard and endured many things. We are the lucky ones to have been the recipients of his service for so many years. The Halls of Heaven truly will quiet when we exclaim that we lived in the times of Gordon B. Hinckley!