Monday, March 23, 2009

Today was a big day for me. I went back to work, kinda... You see in another life I was a School Teacher. I taught highschool spanish. Sí hablo español. It seems like forever ago. Really it was only 3 years ago (in September it will be 4). I went to substitute at the same school that I taught at. The Huskies have changed more than I could have imagined. The Principal is new and so are all the Vice Principals. The Foreign Language Dept has changed. Now German is offered. Some of my old friends are there still, but most have moved on to bigger and better things. One is a Principal, one the Activities Director, a couple others Vice Pricipals. I was a little envious that they had taken the next step in their careers... until 9:00am rolled around. All I could think of was Lily. It was her nap time. Would Dave remember? Would he do it right? Did she miss me? Did he know how to put her blanket so she could feel the silky side? Then lunch time came and I knew that Poppy asked for Macaroni and CHeese... was there any in the cupboard? 12:35pm time to pick Miss Willow up from school. Did they remember in time to walk? 2:45 Dance Class. Phoenix gets a little treat while we wait. I missed them all sooo much. I know I sound a little pathetic, don't I. When I arrived home all was well with the munchkins. Dave had taken great care of them. They did ask where I had been, but no one seemed too disgruntled that I had been gone. I go back tomorrow for another day. We'll see how it goes.