Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Backyard Baptism

I shared this story in Relief Society on Sunday. I am a spiritual giant. The lesson was on supporting the Priesthood, it was the priesthood's birthday:

Phoenix came to the backdoor asking for a white t-shirt. "Mom, can I have the big white t-shirt that Willow sleeps in?" I say, "no, you're swimming right now." "Mom, I need it for in the pool." "No, Phoenix I don't want a bunch of laundry to add to the mess I already have to clean up in the back yard." "Okay." Then Phoenix asked the same question 30 more times until I yell, "DO NOT ASK ME FOR ANYTHING." I am sitting near where they are swimming but not watching very closely. All of a sudden I realize Poppy is drowning and Phoenix is holding her under. I jump up to reuscutate her. When I have surmised that she is well and breathing again, I yell at Phoenix. "WHAT THE CRAP ARE YOU DOING? TRYING TO KILL HER?" He looks at me and says in the most innocent voice you have ever heard, " I was baptizing her, she was really sin-y." Ahh the priesthood is alive and well in the Snow household.