Friday, March 28, 2008

The "Softer" side of Dave

My very own Magnum PI. Now if only I could get him to wear those shorts!

My toe nails after our pedicures. Cute!

Dave getting his first pedicure. Go you macho man!

Dave reading Lily the Sig Sauer catalog at bedtime. Ahhh, the joy of reading to your child.

Dave wears flip flops into work and heavy army style black boots while at work and his feet take a beating. They have thick calouses and cracks. I would like to help him... but I just... ewwww. So I suggested that he go have a pedicure. He was sceptical at first, but after some reassuring he went. I told him that lots of other men have manicures and pedicures. I explained that the little Vietnamese ladies would rub his feet and calfs. Finally I (being a generous soul) offered to go with him so he didn't feel so out of place. It was heavenly.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Super Talented Snows

Primary Talent Show

The Primary Talent Show was a treat. our Primary President is a little on the laid-back side and she is not a disciplinarian. So it was a little chaotic. Poppy and Emma Packer danced one of their dances for the crowd. I couldn't believe how well they did. Poppy wasn't shy at all. She got right up there and didn't miss a beat. They looked so cute.

They looked like they had been practicing together for weeks.

Willow made a scrumptous looking strawberry shortcake. Catherine helped her. I think that if there had been a 1st place for displays she would have won hands down...(Well the snake one of the Grover boys brought was quite popular too, but only because it kept trying to get out of the container it was in. I think it bit one of the Hague twins.) Doesn't she look cute in her little Hannah Montana T-shirt? She is starting to look so grown up. Sad, I know.

Here is my lovely son. His newest thing to coloring. He colors on EVERYTHING. Himself, the walls, the couch (with ball point pen), tables, chairs, clothes, Poppy, Lily, and thats just the beginning. Dave and I are at our witts end. We have no idea how to deal with it. Spanking didn't work, talking surely didn't work, timeouts were a no go too. Now he gets all three: a spank, a timeout, a talk, and the newest edition he has to scrub whatever it is that he wrote on until Mommy or Daddy says he can stop. We have gone through 4 Mr. Clean scrubbers so far. Maybe he is a child prodigy and can't control his creative genius. He will be the greatest painter of the century! Or maybe he is just being naughty because I spend all my time with Lily now a days. He misses me, and it's so hard to stay mad at that little face.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Phoenix the Human Easter Egg

The kids all got a DVD and a little something from the Easter Bunny this year. Willow got Enchanted, Phoenix 101 Dalmations, and Poppy Brother Bear 2. Lily got a can of formula. We are grateful to be getting back into a routine after Lily was born. She is 4 weeks old today.
Phoenix decided to color himself instead of the Easter Eggs. Wasn't that thoughtful. I guess the cute little shorts that go with his Easter Tie won't work this Sunday. He has already eaten almost all of his candy the Bunny brought him. He'll be so fun in Sacrament Meeting!

All the kids relaxing with Lily after the excitement of the Easter Bunny wore off. It's almost time to get ready to go to Mimi's House to see the cousins down from Utah and Oregon.

Poppy also got a DVD and candy. She will save her candy so that she can savor it. Hopefully Phoenix won't find hers and polish it off too!
Willow is already watching her DVD and memorizing the songs. She may be a famous Brodway actress someday. We may need to invest in some singing lessons.