Friday, May 16, 2008

Oh Gross!

I don't think I need to explain any further... do I ? I was at Walmart and we all (me and the herd of children who follow me)went into the dressing room. I turn around and find my son with this stuck on his head. Is that not nasty? I took a picture so I could remember this day forever. Do I need to talk about where and what that has been on? Ewwww. Walmart? EWWWWW . Gosh I'm glad there wasn't anything stuck on the sticky part before he put in ON HIS FACE!!!!!!

She's Crafty ...She gets around... She's crafty... She's always down...She's crafty

I will think that you are soooooo Coool if you can tell me the reference of the Title!

Last night I went to the Relief Society Activity and the cutest little THANG named Amber taught us how to sew this purse/bag/hobo/satchel. I stayed until I finished mine and I didn't even visit the snack table! Very uncharacteristic of me. This is my finished project.....

TAAAA DAAAA.... if you want the details email or call me.

This is unbelievably cuter in real life

This is the inside view. It is actually reversable.

I added the pocket on the front all on my own. I'm so proud!

Monday, May 12, 2008

The House

Here are two shots of the house

Entry Before
When I was a kid I tore everything apart just to see how it works. I am 34 years old and still taking everything apart. As most of you know Melissa and I bought a house. We had some things to change and well as you can see one thing led to another.

Entry After
I did this to the house on my 3 day weekend. Call me crazy but I think the second picture looks good.

View into Kitchen Before
I think I took out about 10 tons of plaster and wood. (That's not an exageration)

View of Kitchen After