Monday, November 21, 2011

What if Our Christmas Card were for REALS?

Okay so it's the time of year again when everyone expects a card that says how wonderful the year was and how thin I am and how smart the kids are and how rich my husband is, and how happy we all are together... well I just can't fake it this year. Don't be surprised if you get a Christmas card/family picture of the Snow Family that includes: Melissa in her brown sweat suit, Dave will be in the picture but wishing he was at another race, Phoenix and Poppy will be wrestling/fighting/poking each other. Willow will have a sour look on her face because her mother just told her she couldn't wear whatever it was that she wanted, and Lily will have a night gown on her head (as Rapunzel hair), and a purple and black scarf stuffed into her panties(so she can be the King Lion). I wonder what people would think if I sent a card out with what we really looked like? Do you ever read peoples cards and think they must be lying? Yeah me too.

Yes that is Willow hitting Poppy .

Yes that is Dave modelling his new motorcycle helmet