Saturday, May 30, 2009

What the CRAP?

You heard it. What the CRAP...? I'm yelling or at least I would be if I could get that much sound out of my mouth right now. I have not been feeling good. I know that seems like a euphamism for her "cheese done slid off her cracker" nowadays. I thought so too. I thought I must be depressed because I haven't enjoyed being back in Hemet all that much. Then it started. I was always tired. Dog tired. Do dogs get tired that's a wierd saying. Anyway I whined to my beloved that I was tired. He came home with a coke for me. I thought well maybe I should see that Dr. who helped me be human again after Lily came. The one that seemed way too relaxed. Working shouldn't make me this tired I kept thinking. Then I got a fever and I thought oh good now I have the flu and it will be done and over in a few days. A week later I still had a fever. Then my lymph nodes all over swelled right up. So I must be infected. So my beloved sent me to Urgent Care they said, ummm Hmmm ophhh uhhhuhh and then they gave me a prescription for antibiotics. After a week on the antibiotics my tonsils swelled up too. Now I can't swallow the horse antibiotics they gave me. Back to the doctors my beloved sends me. This time they suck my blood (not in the oh baby edward way either). I urinated in a cup. And they swabbed my decks again.

I got an email saying that I was positive for mono. Yeah that 16 year old kissing disease. I have it as a 35 year old mom. Cool. I guess I'm what you'd call a late bloomer. This is a picture I got off the internet. But I swear that this is exactly what my tonsils look like. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your tonsils? WHat the crap!