Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Willow's Birthday Parties

Willow had her birthday the first week of school. She wanted a party really bad so I consented and figured out what to do with all the little girls. I took them to a ceramics shop and they got to pick out a figurine and paint it. Then we opened presents and ate cake and all went home to no mess! Hurray!! I was a little worried that we would not have a good turn out because it was the first week of school but everyone we invited came! I guess miss popular has more friends than I do!

First Day of School

Willow had her first day of schoool. Doesn't she look cute! All day in first grade... who will I get to talk and sing to me all day long!

The Beauty Salon oh la la

Poppy loved "combing" aunt Catherine's hair while she was here after her AVID conference in San Diego. Then Phoenix and Willow jumped in on the action. Catherine was overjoyed when I took out my camera. We sure do miss Catherine and Greg in Colorado. Greg, doesn't it seem like just yesterday that Phoenix was screaming ALL NIGHT LONG!