Friday, February 1, 2008

I don' think that I have any pictures today, but I went to the doctor this week. My doctor said, "Yep there's still a baby in there." She measured my belly, dipped my urine (for sugars and for bacteria) and sent me on my way. I am now 34 weeks and we'll see what the next two weeks bring. I am starting to worry about when it will happen. You know will everybody be at church when I need a ride? Will the places I have arranged for the kids to be, be home and answer when I call? Will Dave be at work? Will I know beforehand? Remember with Poppy I had really convinced myself that I was not in labor. I nearly had her in the car. Today I am packing all the kids their bags and double checking mine. Dave is home so he will be grocery shopping. I haven't gone in over two weeks and boy are we ready. I have lists for Costco, the regular grocery store, Target, and Walmart.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks came to California to do some charity concerts in LA for the fire victims this year. Dave is a huge Garth Brooks fan and for his birthday and Christmas I bought him tickets to go see. Then about a week before the concert I was put on bedrest. We debated about whether I should go or not and finally we came to the conclusion that if I sat in my seat and didn't spend the whole concert on my feet, then I could go. Dave drove up and dropped me off at the door and parked. Garth played Friday and Saturday. He played 2 shows on Friday and 3 shows on Saturday. The concert sold out fast so I bought our tickets on ebay. It was so fun, until the fat lady in front of us sat on my feet and nearly crushed them. But that's a different blog for a different day. Garth played for nearly 2 1/2 hours and he played all songs that were popular and we knew it was great! I was shocked at how good he sounds live, and how fun the show was, even from my seat. These photos don't really show how great our seats really were. Trisha Yerwood, and Huey Lewis also came out and did duets with Garth. It was sooo cool.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I measured 44 inches around. The woman who had the septuplets measured 55 inches at some point (I wish I knew which week). Can you imagine? I'm shocked she didn't pop, literally.

The dime is for size comparison. Dave is not only a Deputy Sheriff, but a detective also and the need for a concrete comparison was paramount.

Well another week has passed. The baby is a little bigger and so am I. She/He is 33 weeks now and feels like 33 pounds too! Really about 4 lbs and 15 inches. We are all getting anxious to have our new baby get here. The burning question... is it a boy or a girl? Here are some pictures of me (not looking all that ravishing, but hey why put on makeup for the headboard to see me?). Do you think that it is a boy or a girl? This pregnancy has been similar to all my others with similar symptoms only magified 100 times. Tell us what you think we should use for names. Remember it has to stay in the nature theme. I know Phoenix is a mythical bird so animals are fine. We want family middle names so here's some family names Anderson, Taylor, Hazel, Marie, Jane, Justin, David, Dennis, May, Ronald, Jay, Michael, Timothy, Wayne, Mitchell.