Saturday, May 31, 2008


Okay so Shannon tagged me a long time ago to do this Quirks thing...I'm supposed to list some of my "quirks". I assume that most of you reading this blog know me quite well or at least well enough to wonder what we do everyday. So you already know I am... certifiable. So I have been thinking of some "quirks" that you may not know.

First the obvious, I have a hard time walking because my foot is constantly in my mouth. A while back I said, "I can't believe how old you are!", to a friend in my ward. What kind of idiot says that to any woman? Sheesh. And to make it even worse, she was bringing ME dinner after I had Lily! So if I have hurt your feelings really it was unintentional. Really.

Next I have almost a compulsion about my toenails. I can't stand to have them at all long. At all! I clip them as close to the quick as I can get them. All these cute ladies with long toenails done in a french manicure look so good, but I can't it gives me the willies to have any nail at all on my toes. Weird huh.

Third. I love little packets of condiments. Condiments are so cool. Have you ever really thought about how they get them into those little packages? Who decided that much ketchup was a serving? Why doesn't the mayonnaise need to be refrigerated? How do they make them so easy to open when regular packaging is so hard. I love condiments. I take them. Yep, you read that correctly, I steal condiments. Bizarre you say, well I don't care! (See how liberated I am!) I will no longer ask for extra condiments just so I can take them home in the closet any longer! I have a whole little area in the frige for them. I can produce a Taco Bell OR Del Taco hot sauce if you need. I keep Chick-fil-A honey mustard for rainy days, and I have enough ketchup that if we had an earth quake that could sustain us for a month! And I am proud of my condiment selection! Mustard, Mayo, BBQ, honey, butter, jelly, sugar, relish, you name it I've got it. I even found tartar sauces the other day. You never know when your going to need tartar sauce right?! I hate that you now have to ask for condiments in the drive through. Who doesn't eat ketchup with fries? Booh hiss on you Carl's Jr. and Wendy's!

So there's a few of my idiosyncrasies. There are many more and my husband can attest to that. He KNOWS I'm one CRAZY MAMA.