Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fasting for a Friend

I had a dear friend lose his wife.  She was in a fatal car accident in Utah.  I fasted today for her family- her sweet husband and 4 boys.  I asked my children if they would like to fast with me...
These were my responses:

"But mom I'll be HUNGRY all during church!"

"What are you making for lunch.  If it's something gross then I'm not doing it."

"No I don't think I'll do that."

"I'm not going to fast.  But if YOU die then I'll fast."

Apparently we need a Family Home Evening Lesson on Fasting and Prayer.  Anyways I hope my friend Nate is buoyed up by some of the other people fasting for him and his family.  I'm pretty sure the prayers from my family were all about being tortured by their mother.  If any good came from fasting today it was that most of my kids didn't have breakfast spilled all over their church clothes today.