Friday, February 6, 2009

Okay, so I know where the camera downloader cables are now, but the big computer still doesn't have the Internet (thanks big V for all the super fast service... its only been a month since we moved in!). Hence, NO pictures. I'll describe what I look like just in case you forgot.
  • I weigh 122.5 lbs
  • my hair is lustrous and thick and down to my waist
  • I have unnaturally long legs (like Julia Roberts in Pretty woman)
  • my skin is radiant and clear
  • my fingers and toes are well manicured with little diamonds stuck on them
  • I always have my hair and makeup done, no matter what, rain or shine

Tomorrow I am going to have lunch with some of the ladies in my old 'hood. I miss them all terribly. I am so excited to see them.

Then when we get home we are all going to ride our bikes to the new Rite Aid that just opened near our house and visit the ice cream counter. The kids have already picked out what flavor they will get. They had to keep their rooms clean for a whole week to qualify for the ice cream. Since I put all their toys in bins in the garage in a HEATED moment it wasn't hard to keep the rooms clean. I will have mint and chip. Thrifty mint and chip is undeniably the best in the whole wide world. Dave will make the standard gagging noise and I will smile knowing all the while I will get to eat the whole thing myself without sharing any of it. Sounds like a wonderful day.