Thursday, November 1, 2007

The new little Peanut

Baby's profile with a clear view of the spinal chord. Head is on the left.

Baby's face. Dave think's it really is an alien.

Baby's arm (and body) pushing towards you.

MOre Halloween (NOw it's over)

OOOOhhh scarry!

Willow's face was green like Alphaba's in the musical WICKED that we loved so much!

Since mom is home and has the internet I know that she will be looking at the blogs more often. So I will try to post as many photos as I can. They are the funnest to look at any way.

The kids and their many Haloween Parties

Phoenix is a mummy. His costume was so cool the pictures justdon't capture the coolness.
The Hendrickson's looked darling. Jeff and Nadine were bee keepers from the twin hives.

Dave and I were Mr and Mrs Incredible. At the party we had masks too.

Here's the girls with Helle Robinson. She's the chorister in Primary and does the best job. The kids love her.

Ok, it feels like Haloween has gone on forever this year! Normally this is my favorite Holiday. I love dressing up but this year was like a week long party. It seemed like every day we had someone who had to dress up. I don't mean to sound like a BAH HUMBUG but thank goodness it's finally over. Here are a few pictures from one of the many activities.

The Adult Costume Party

The ladies from the Hemet 5th ward were lined up for this one. I'm just glad it wasn't my husbands costume.

Dave thinks this is the greatest costume. The Cortez's are our friends from Hemet. Dimitri's face was so cool. It had fur all over on it.