Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Fruita Dinousaur Museum: SCARY YET FUN

OOOH this is the scary Allosaurus. They found his brother's bones on the hill.
Poppy is showing us how the dinosaurs would have sounded and looked while they are about to eat their prey. The scittle in her hand is just for added drama.

Phoenix is down in front to give us perspective of how big this monster was. This is the actual fossilized remains of the allosaurus that they found in Fruita about 2 miles from Catherines house.
The kids are digging for dinosaurs in the shade of a rock. Willow said she needed a toothbrush to get into the really little cracks.

Willow and Phoenix practicing to be Paleontologists. They have uncovered some bones.
Catherine had to work. So we entertained ourselves at the world famous Fruita Dinousaur Museum. They had all kinds of stuff for the kids to do. Phoenix's favorite part was the earthquake simulator. Willow liked the excavating pit, and Poppy liked the sedimentary flow tables filled with water. After the museum we hiked to see the mountain where the biggest allosaurus was found. It was really interesting (I hope you are detecting my sarcasm.) I think my dad has this theory about dinosaurs coming from other planets... any thoughts?

Colorado:The Wild Rocky Mountains

I think Greg is a little surprised that Phoenix cozied right up to him. Personal space? It's all relative when you are two. Gregs computer was very fascinating.

Catherine is under the pile of children I think. Daisy is getting her first crash course in dog piling. She was concerned that Catherine was going to come out of it all right.

Here is Greg and Catherine entertaining the masses. Don't they look like they are enjoying themselves? Poppy is helping to color the poster for Grandma and Grandpa. She only forgot to color on the poster a couple of times. We quickly decided to hide the permanent markers before the tile floor was tatooed.

Presents Presents

We got home and had a surprise in the mail! Lots of hair bows! They love hair bows. The girls thought they would try them out! All at the same time! Thanks Aleca they are great!