Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rise and Shout

Dedicated to Cookie who had to call her Uncle to bail her out.

Okay so I have been looking at these pictures for a month now. I haven't really felt like myself since I had the baby.... months ago. This (baby)time has been really hard physically and mentally so I haven't felt very funny. I wanted to wait till I could do this story justice. I can't wait any longer.....

Picture it BYU a "few" years ago (shut up I know that it was more than a "few" but nobody likes a smart-alec) I am a young, vibrant, devastatingly, intelligent, sophomore waiting for my missionary to come home and fulfill my destiny. It is Homecoming Week and all of us are excited about the football game the next day. We have season tickets luckily we got great seats for the game. While laying on my cinder-block stacked bed, listening to Faithfully by JOurney for the gazillionth time, my roomie comes in and says, "Wouldn't it be fun to wear a cape with a giant letter Y on it to the Football Game tomorrow?" HMMMM, I think, the possibilities are endless... face painting, pretend flying, oh what fun. I say "yep I'm in." Then she says that the flags that are flying around campus would be great. Just the right size to do the trick.I think yep she's right. Homecoming Week offered many possible targets. Do you have a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach? Yeah any normal person would. They would know that where our little pea brains were going that night was not good, NOT GOOD at ALL. But away we went anyway. First we walked around campus and around town looking for the "best" flag to kaiph (k-i-f). The plan was to take a flag have our way with it and then return it the next night. Honestly none of us were going to keep the flag we knew THAT would be stealing. I was dating the Elders Quorum President and in the Relief Society Presidency at the time stealing was out of the question. The one I wanted to borrow was was the GIGANTIC one on the front of the Mazor building, but the girls thought that our sleuthing skilz weren't adequate to acquire that one. So we set our sights on one a little lower. It was on a telephone pole that was next to a tree on University Parkway. The poor flag never knew what hit him.

First we dressed up. Anyone knows that you have to get dressed appropriately. Dark colors so no one could see us in the dark. For later expeditions we progressed to camouflage, but I digress. And we needed equipment. Gloves to climb with and rope. NO rope so we tied some very fashionable belts together. That's me on the far left Bunny, Trixie, Candy, then Cookie. Code names for boys who we didn't want to be able to find us in the BYU directory for various reasons.
Once the flag had been located we stood around it looking up at it. I think there were about 8 in our group. NOt conspicuous at all. Then one by one we all tried to climb up the pole. I don't want to sound prideful but I was the only one who could do it. I guess it was all the pole dancing they taught us in those AP classes in high school. I shimmied right up that telephone pole and here's the proof. Those are my varsity soccer sweats from high school. I loved those sweats.
I think I was actually a love child from a Tongan prince that my mom met in the grocery store. That explains the easy climbing of trees and poles.
Then the celebration. Back at the homestead with Tad (he got one by standing on the hood of his car at a different location. He didn't want to be outdone by a girl.
The victory dinner at Hardee's. It was open the latest and had killer fry sauce. That's me to the far left again.
but wait the night is far from over.... I'll finish the post later. But here's a little hint I met Steve Young, Dr. Ward, and got handcuffed.