Friday, September 12, 2008

Theeeeey're Baaaaack

This is so pathetic. Only those who are VERY intimate with me know this fact. I love dolls. I always have. When I was a little girl I always had one with me. This love has carried on. I look at dolls online all the time, in fact I have a whole folder in "My Favorites" with just dolls in it. My aunt Ione makes porcelain dolls and I made a few. I have made vinyl dolls. Anyway long story longer I have been collecting the Madame Alexander dolls from McDonalds Happy Meals since they came out. I have them all and they are out again. Here they are.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blah blah

I know that I have not put any interesting blogs up in a while. The family picture is cute but seeing it day after day gets annoying, I know. Here's the deal. I really haven't done anything interesting in the last little while. My kids are all home (off track) and bugging the crap outa me. My mom and dad are home... and Dave is working and resting. That leaves me doing the mom thing.
I have the funniest idea for a blog and I know that you all will peee in your large white panties when you read it, but I need some pictures in a college scrapbook. And well frankly I have no idea where that freakin' box is. It could be at the in-laws in our pile of junk in their garage or it could be hiding somewhere here in our junk. It could have even been canabalized by the other unfinished scrapbooks loaded in the bookshelf. Anyway I need to scan the pictures chronicalling (whatever&@$@!!&^%)the event. Here's a little tid bit. It involves costumes, BYU, the Provo/University police department, and my friend Dr. Ward. Intriguing isn't it? But until then you will have to stare at boring pictures of us.

Davey and Lily (Does this make you nervous or is it just me?)