Monday, November 21, 2011

What if Our Christmas Card were for REALS?

Okay so it's the time of year again when everyone expects a card that says how wonderful the year was and how thin I am and how smart the kids are and how rich my husband is, and how happy we all are together... well I just can't fake it this year. Don't be surprised if you get a Christmas card/family picture of the Snow Family that includes: Melissa in her brown sweat suit, Dave will be in the picture but wishing he was at another race, Phoenix and Poppy will be wrestling/fighting/poking each other. Willow will have a sour look on her face because her mother just told her she couldn't wear whatever it was that she wanted, and Lily will have a night gown on her head (as Rapunzel hair), and a purple and black scarf stuffed into her panties(so she can be the King Lion). I wonder what people would think if I sent a card out with what we really looked like? Do you ever read peoples cards and think they must be lying? Yeah me too.

Yes that is Willow hitting Poppy .

Yes that is Dave modelling his new motorcycle helmet


Julie said...

Love it!

Margene said...

How life really is in the Snow house hold (and the Taylor's and most of the rest of the Households)

Leca said...

I'd like that card. It would go to the top of the wall. I dare you!

Brenda said...

You are still hilarious!